Subject Slow lookups over remote connect
Author Bob
We've been working with IBO for several months now and seem to be over the
initial learning curve (and really starting to enjoy IBO! Thanks Jason and
all who have helped along the way). Recently I tried to run our app from a
remote site connected via VPN to the home office, where the database
resides. Things performed very slowly.

Mainly I use TIB_Query and incremental searching to allow users to select an
item (as in the SearchingLinks demo). Just displaying the
searchinglinks-like screen took a long time (tens of seconds), but once it
was displayed everything moved very quickly. The datasets are not very large
(< 20 items) since we're only testing at this point.

What should I be looking at in order to optimize the performance? The
queries generally had SQL of "SELECT * FROM TABLENAME", but again, there's
not much data there and I wouldn't expect it to take so long. Working from
the LAN there is no apparent delay.

Thanks. Let me know what further info I need to provide.