Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 4.2 Gc with D3 and Report Builder
Author andre2405
My problem (restated 2nd):

I can't repeat the problem I mentioned before, I had this problem a
few months ago with one of the first versions of IBO 4, now I can
edit, scroll and so on. Now the error occurs not before closing the


1. Create a new Application-Project.
2. Put a IBODataset, IBOQuery, Datasource, ppDBPipeline, ppReport, a
button for printing, a button for closing the query on your form
3. Make the connection between the components, set the query active
4. Start the application
5. Press the print-button, an empty report is shown, I didn't put any
labels on the report
6. Close the report
7. Press the "close query"-button

Error: EIvalidPointer: "Invalid Pointeroperation" (I hope the
translation is correct)

The error occurs at closing the query!

> Are you using IBO 4 with Delphi 3? which version/patch level?

IBO 4.2 Gc

> You could also put an IB_MonitorDialog on your form and watch it
until the
> moment when the AV occurs.

There are no new lines after opening the query!