Subject Re: [IBO] Daniel Rail : re: Problems connecting using FB gds32.dll
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 06:41 PM 07-04-02 -0300, Daniel Rail wrote:

>I found the problem, but not the cause and I don't have a clue on how to
>fix it. The problem is with TCP/IP connection, even LOCALHOST doesn't

Localhost will only work for a local client. You need to set up a server
name in the HOSTS file of each client and the server. For IP address, use
either the IP address that the server's NIC reports or, if you have the
server set up with its own logical IP address in the subnet, use that.

If all else fails, try for the server's IP address. Don't use as this is reserved for local loopback. (It should be in the
HOSTS files too, as localhost; if not, it would be a good idea to put it

Once you have the HOSTS entry on the client, test the TCP/IP connection
using ping <server_name>.

>It's the only part of my system that can't connect through
>TCP/IP. My firewall is not the problem, I even shut it down to make sure
>and no difference, and the gds32.dll is set to be allowed to connect to the
>internet, the server as well.

Not sure what you mean by this: do you mean you have port 3050 open?

>I, now, get an Access Violation error with
>GDS32.DLL, when trying to connect.

Sounds like a remote client trying to make a local
connection. Double-check your connection string, should be


and that database location can not be ANYTHING but a physical location on
the server machine, i.e. not a share, not a mapped drive, etc.

Use IB_sql to test database connections, since it is squeaky-clean about
making connections...if it doesn't connect then you have a network
configuration problem of some sort.


Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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