Subject Daniel Rail : re: Problems connecting using FB gds32.dll
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:54 PM 06-04-02 -0400, Daniel Rail wrote in [ib-support]:
>I just installed FB on my system and now I can't connect to
>another server running IB 6.01. And, I can't connect to my system from
>another system that has FB 0.9.4. These systems cannot be upgraded for
>another 6 months, beyond my control for the moment, and I need this to
>work. Some of my testing involves connecting to the IB 6.01 server from my
>system that has FB, but I cannot perform this since I can't connect.
>Everything was working great until FB 1.0 RC2. It's only since I upgraded
>to FB that my applications are not working.
>And, I can't just switch from the gds32.dll for FB and the one
>from FB 1.0 RC2, since sometimes, I have to connect to both at the same
>time. But, now it's impossible to do that.
>Does anybody have an idea on how I can do this?

In your IBO distro is a file called IB_Session511.pas. Its purpose is to
allow you to use the 5.1 client instead of the buggy 5.5 one but the
concept works fine when you have various versions of the client and you
need to swap from one to another.

Give each version of gds32.dll in your system directory its own name. For
example, I currently have gds32.dll for ib 6.x, gds32_FB.dll for Firebird
and gds32_56.dll for for IB 5.6.

Edit the IB_Session511.pas unit, replacing the string with the appropriate
new name that you have given to the library. Save the unit with a useful
variation of the original filename.

In your project (e.g. I do this with three different builds of ib_sql), add
this unit as the *first* member of the uses clause in the dpr file.

Compile. Rename the exe appropriately so that you know which version of
the app "belongs" to which server.

Now your exe will connect through the appropriate version of the client

As for remote clients using the right client to connect to *your* server,
well, you will need to do similar on the client machines to achieve this.

I haven't had any problems having connections via two different versions of
gds32.dll simultaneously to two different server versions; however, my
servers are in a tight LAN, so I can't vouch for a more distributed setup...


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