Subject Re: [IBO] isc_commit_retaining
Author dgsalas
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> >Hi,
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> >First of all, platform:
> >
> >Deplhi 4 C/S,
> >IBOBjects 4.02
> >Interbase 6.01 / Firebird 1.0
> >
> >I have a database with about 250 tables, and 2300 views.
> >
> >When dropping a view, the "COMMIT RETAINING" part of the process is
> >taking about 3 seconds each. Searching through the code I've been
> >able to trace this to the function "isc_commit_retaining" that is
> >called after executing the "DROP VIEW" statement.
> >
> >If anyone is going to ask why so many views, it's because it's
> >too long to delete a view for the user to wait.
> Forgive the question, but are you saying that you have a user
> that creates and drops views?

Yes. Why is this a problem? I've been doing this in Oracle and I
never had a problem. I didn't know I shouldn't do this.

> >Can anybody point how can I improve this perfomance.
> Not yet. Tell us more about the architecture of your application.

The user can design his own reports, based on views he creates just
like the queries of Access. After that, he can filter the result set
with WHERE statements. For all that, is very convenient using views.

Thanks for your help,

Domingo GarcĂ­a

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