Subject Re: [IBO] default transaction
> Internally, if I use the default transaction, a commitRetaining is applyed
> on any change? Then, what I only must to do is set a open dataset in the
> oncreate and close the dataset in the onclose event? When I use a default
> transaction, is created one transaction to each ib_query component that I
> use? Is there any disadvantage if I use the default transaction instead I
> put one component to each dataset in the datamodule?

I just drop a single transaction component on datamodule (
for each connection as some times I am using more than on
database ). The default transaction ( and there is only one
for all queries ) is then replaced by the one I have added.
Then I run the isolation 'tiCommitted' and AutoCommit.

It sounds as if that is the way you want to work - and that
is how the default transaction is configured anyway.

I get confused here myself, as if the commit is happening
Automatically then you sound not even need to use
CommitRetaining, it happens automagiclly - but I seem to
need to use it sometimes, probably because I am not using
the 'real' default transaction.

Only add code or components if you want to take control of
something, so you should be OK with just opening and closing
as required.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services