Subject Re: [IBO] default transaction
> How the default transaction works? I want no start a transaction when I open
> a dataset (when the form is created), and each change in the database
> (inserts, updates, deletes) I want to do a commitretaining and when the form
> is close I want to make a commit. How I do this? Exist any automatic metod
> for this steps or I must to include all this codes in the my application's
> events afterinsert, afterpost, afterdelete, afterupdate ?

If you simply want to save each change, then the default
transaction will work in the background.
CommitRetaining will save without loosing your position. It
does exactly the same job as Commit so you do not need an
additional Commit at the end.

If you want more control, to allow you to group a set of
changes then :-

Just add your own transaction.
When you open the form - do a transaction->StartTransaction.
Make all your changes.

Then do a Commit ( or Rollback )

DO NOT use CommitRetaining if you want to be able to
RollBack a set of changes.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services