Subject Re: [IBO] default transaction
> CommitRetaining will save without loosing your position. It
> does exactly the same job as Commit so you do not need an
> additional Commit at the end.

Simplified that TOO much. You need a Commit from time to
time to allow the server to tidy up, CommitRetaining keeps
the current queries open so you can carry on. Commit closes
the queries, so you have to open them again, and this starts
a new transaction.

The automatic commit action in IBO will normally ensure that
the transaction is not open longer than required, unless you
use StartTransaction. This stops the AutoCommit, until you
are finished and call Commit yourself.

Do a 'Find' for CommitRetaining in the help file and oyu
will find some useful notes on these points.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services