Subject TIB_LookupCombo display width, out of system resources
Author osendej
Hello, everybody !

Could someone tell me what to check to solve the following 2
problems :

1. TIB_LookupCombo display width

When I use a TIB_lookupcombo with Titles showing, the first time
it gets displayed with a size smaller than the usual size.

2. Out of system resources error message

I have a TIB_Query with a TIB_Gri, navigator bar, an updatebar.
The underlying table has a generator.

The problem is :

when I initiate an insertion, the id field connected to the generator
receives its new value. Then I click on the cancel button of
the updatebar without modyfying any field's value of the dataset
and the exception gets raised ! The query was normally prepared
via the query editor and is requestlive = true.

Thank you for any help.