Subject Re: [IBO] - IBO & Firebird 1 - To a List Moderator
> My first impression to this problem was that "Firebird team should keep
> backward compatibility", no matter if IBO is doing some now-SQL standard.
> But looking at Claudio's explanation I'm going to think twice.
> And I don't like to see Lester and Helen in this battle alone (as they are
> now on the list I talked about)
> But I think that based on Claudio's explanation we must discuss this subject
> here * FIRST * all together and post something at ib-support latter: when we
> get a democratic opinion about this. What we have here is a IBO problem, and
> we have, as IBO / Firebird lovers, to be all together on this subject.

The discussion has gone a bit further.

I don't think there is any discussion on FB2, and the
problem is fixed in IBO, but I THINK Claudio is happy to
compromise on FB1 and allow the problem through, while still
stopping the mistakes that actually crash Firebird. The
current discussion seems to have gone onto GROUP BY and if
that should allow table identifiers. ( I think it should,
but I'm not a SQL guru, I just try and read the book )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services