Subject Re: Firebird 1.0 incompatibility
Author martijntonies2000

This seems to happen when doing a dataset.insert and .post...

The fix is extremely easy to apply (if you have the source) and the
patch for InterBase Workbench I've created can be downloaded from website.

If you have IBO application out there yourself that you should
update, either apply the patch to IBO (someone else posted how and
where) and re-compile your apps...

Nasty? yes -> but keep in mind that FB RC2 works fine.
FB error? no -> not in my opinion...
Afraid that your customers will upgrade to FB1, v1 without knowing
about the bug? -> get them informed like I did!

Hope this helps,

Martijn Tonies
Upscene Productions

--- In IBObjects@y..., antoni.aloy@v... wrote:
> Martijn Tonies informs of an SQL incompatibility between IBObjects
and the
> new Firebird 1.0 on the code IBObjects uses to build the inserts.
> Jason, I suppose you know that, so when could we have a patch?
> Best regards,
> Antoni Aloy