Subject Re: [IBO] ParamData pseudo-property in TIBOQuery
Author Jason Wharton
I'll just turn off the WriteParamData method and make it so that it will
only store the TParams as default behavior handles it. By leaving the
readparamdata method there it will still convert the old DFM's as usual.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 3:35 AM
Subject: [IBO] ParamData pseudo-property in TIBOQuery

> Hello,
> just a note. I have discovered that TIBOQuery.DefineProperties defines
> the pseudo-property ParamData in all versions of Delphi, which makes the
> streaming system store the Params collection twice (Params and
> ParamData) on each dfm stream.
> I am not sure which version of Delphi introduced native support for
> collection in the streaming system, I just know Delphi 3 didn't do it
> (hence the need for the pseudo-property ParamData) while Delphi 5 does
> it.
> I don't know what causes the problem, since the BDE TQuery uses almost
> the same code and works well (it even caters for old dfms with binary
> ParamData). FWIW, I am using my own TIBOQuery derivative, but I am able
> to reproduce the problem with a plain TIBOQuery.
> It is bloating my dfms and I can't afford it since I have many of them
> and exe size is an issue.
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