Subject Re: [IBO] ParamData pseudo-property in TIBOQuery
Author Nando Dessena

> I'll just turn off the WriteParamData method and make it so that it will
> only store the TParams as default behavior handles it. By leaving the
> readparamdata method there it will still convert the old DFM's as usual.

Sounds good. I was intentioned to do some experimentations when I next
get to the office (it will be next week).
Just make sure you do that only in Delphi 4+ (5+?); Delphi 3 does not
support collection streaming AFAICT.
If anyone in this list is using Delphi 4, he/she may be able to "view as
text" a form with a parameterized TIBOQuery and tell us if ParamData is
present or not.