Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and FB 1
Author Carlos Macao
Hi Jason,

> It has been introduced into the IBO source code. In fact, I did it the
> day I received an email from you and then replied with a thank-you.
> you passed that off.

I believe you, but i got myself in the middle of my ISP changes, (in fact
they cleared all my accounts) and didn't got your email at all.

> What's a pity is that you, me or someone else didn't let the Firebird
> know before they have now gone to all the hassle of making the official
> Firebird release 1.0. This is a shame on all of us type of issue.

It isn't quite correct Jason, in fact i first did some tests before sending
that problem to this list (15-01-2002), second i waited for anyone answer
(i've got Geoff Worboys answer in this list, which didn't helped, sorry but
i didn't get yours). After that i put the same question in Yahoo-IB-Support,
giving descriptions of the problem and waiting for help, Sean Leyne replied
but it didn't helped too. So i feel i was the only one shouting for
something that didn't exist. I returned to RC2 and waited.

This leaves us to a problem i launched in the IB list; it would be very
interesting if FB team (i know they don't like of the idea) releases
snapshot builds more often, to give all the comunity the chance of a faster
bug detection. That was the work that Dmitry Kuzmenko was doing and i
remember someone in the FB team put some fears on that. Was with that
particular build: 706, i've got to this problem.

Best regards,
Carlos Macao