Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and FB 1
> It isn't quite correct Jason, in fact i first did some tests before sending
> that problem to this list (15-01-2002), second i waited for anyone answer
> (i've got Geoff Worboys answer in this list, which didn't helped, sorry but
> i didn't get yours). After that i put the same question in Yahoo-IB-Support,
> giving descriptions of the problem and waiting for help, Sean Leyne replied
> but it didn't helped too. So i feel i was the only one shouting for
> something that didn't exist. I returned to RC2 and waited.

I've checked back to your original post. Hindsight is a
useful thing, but I ignored it as it was using a snapshot
build, and there was not a lot of information.
What SHOULD have been said at that time is - Because you are
using a Snapshot build, post the problem to
firebird-devel@... as they are the only
people who could pick up on 'work in progress'.
Personally I have not bothered with either RC's waiting
instead for the final version, because I had a working
system ( after many years ).

> This leaves us to a problem i launched in the IB list; it would be very
> interesting if FB team (i know they don't like of the idea) releases
> snapshot builds more often, to give all the comunity the chance of a faster
> bug detection. That was the work that Dmitry Kuzmenko was doing and i
> remember someone in the FB team put some fears on that. Was with that
> particular build: 706, i've got to this problem.

The place to be doing that sort of lobbying is on
firebird-devel@... as well. There is a
need for more testing, but I think that this incident just
highlights the basic problem of software testing. You can
have the most comprehensive test suit and it will still not
test everthing.

We should have picked up on your original warning - and that
I think is an example of too many lists! But at least we can
rectify the problem ASAP, rather than having to wait for the
next Windows service pack <g>.

In future Carlos shout a bit louder, but it helps the
developers if there is more detail, which, if you are
playing with snapshots, you need to work out how to pinpoint
a problem.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services