Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
Author Nando Dessena

> > 1) the NNTP port can be opened to a specific host address, without
> > compromising security.
> In a company with 28.000 Employees and perhaps one of the largest Intratets
> out there at all except IBM, I do not think that a Sysadmin would listen if
> someone cries for NNTP. We are here to work, and we have internal forums,
> and thats all we need to be able to work

then you don0t need *anything* else. :-)
I must have missed the whole point of this discussion. Are we looking
for a way for Jason to give support to his customers, a discussion forum
for the customers, a knowledge base manager, a way to keep Lester happy
without spam and autodial, or what?
If someone clarifies this, I may be able to give more interesting ideas.

> > 2) how about a web gateway then? I use one for an italian newsgroup and
> > I must say that it works very well.
> I hate such stuff, really......

You hate *what*, precisely? I haven't described anything in sufficient
detail for anyone to *hate* it. You said that NNTP is out of question, I
suggested a HTTP gateway. If web is all you have, then web is what you
need to get at the data. Whatever the back end, one of the front ends
must be web for the exact reason that you yourself stated in your post.
I'd rather go with SMTP/NNTP, if it were for me. :-)