Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
> Large volume of documents in a bug management system? You are working for M$
> now?

Just over 5 years of release notes, specifications,
operators manuals, etc. etc. I can go back to any build over
the last 5 years and recreate the development environment to
work on it. Or I can scan the whole lot for references to a
particular registry entry or variable and check what cahnges
were made when.

Something Microsoft could do with applying to their product
code <g>.

I do seem to have opened a can of worms here - I'm suprised
Helen hasn't pulled the plug. I think it probably started
because I am getting some 'nasty' XXX stuff coming in and I
am TRYING to prevent it from getting onto my children's
computers. SOMETHING has got to be done about spam, and the
people who keep pedeling it. The stuff I was trying to kill
is using my yahoo eMail account, but now I suspect that
simply 'unsubscribing' duplicates your eMail address onto
later lists and exasibates the problem. Every one has a new
web address, but the unsubscribe always goes back to the
same 'you will be removed in 2 days' screen.

In addition I would LOVE a broadband permanent connection,
but British Telecom want £10000 to put that in, and when I
had ISDN put in, they cut the prices by 75% the following
week, so I am waiting for it to happen again. It's about
time somebody started taking control. For my part, I may be
able to some time in 2004 or perhaps 2005, unless I move
house next to a telephone exchange <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services