Subject Re: [IBO] When is KeyRelation necessary?
Author Nando Dessena

> >The *TUpdateSQL*. That was clumsy.
> Who was talking about TUpdateSQL? Were you?

Yes. It's amazing what one can discover when he/she actually reads the
posts (even when they come from someone unable to express himself
clearly like me). ;-)

> Didn't you use the xxxSQL properties, then?

No. I had to use a TUpdateSQL with the BDE; I have now ditched it after
converting the query to IBO. I am doing quite a fine-grain conversion
process, almost one data module at a time, for reasons this list won't
be interested in.

> You can in IBO, too

I'll take note. What is the syntax, please?

> but why would you need to?

In time I may be able to figure out an actual requirement for that.
Currently my goal is to have IBO build the update statements for me -
goal that I have met with KeyRelation and your help.

> >WRT multi-table update, I don't think I am going to need anything the
> >BDE can not do, at least in the short term. My requirements now are
> >pretty easy to meet. :-)
> Oh, and I thought you were using IBO. How extraordinary.

Again, I have left a door (wide?) open to misinterpretation, sorry.
I meant that currently I only have to mimic (with IBO) BDE behaviour, so
I don't need anything fancier.
BTW, if I were talking about the BDE, would I have posted to this list?