Subject RE: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
Author Scott Taylor
At 04:07 AM 03/12/02, Kaputnik wrote:
>Don't forget that some of us are behind a firewall that blocks NNTP.
>At my primary employer's location, all ports except 80 and 8080 (even
>POP) are blocked completely for the extranet. No chance to read
>IBO-Lists thant while at work.


I'm just lurking here, but couldn't help notice how many of you hackers are
deprived of NNTP services, it's a shame, and a sham: it would only take a
small Linux box (some old junk hardware would work well here) and a few
hours of your SysAdmin's time to set up an internal NNTP server, that would
allow you guys to subscribe to specific news groups. But, being a SysAdmin
my self, I'd rather not. ;)

Now, if any of you had a friend, that was able to provide a stable machine
and network connection, it would be simple to set up a mail-list server for
just this purpose (and there are a lot of free, stable, ones out
there). Then you could all get away from the "Yahoo Crap".

K, I'll go back to lurking now.