Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
> I'm just lurking here, but couldn't help notice how many of you hackers are
> deprived of NNTP services, it's a shame, and a sham: it would only take a
> small Linux box (some old junk hardware would work well here) and a few
> hours of your SysAdmin's time to set up an internal NNTP server, that would
> allow you guys to subscribe to specific news groups. But, being a SysAdmin
> my self, I'd rather not. ;)
> Now, if any of you had a friend, that was able to provide a stable machine
> and network connection, it would be simple to set up a mail-list server for
> just this purpose (and there are a lot of free, stable, ones out
> there). Then you could all get away from the "Yahoo Crap".

BUT - NNTP requires a network connection - what we want is
something that works mainly local, and updates in one hit
when the network connection is available. Current eMail
download takes 'minimum call charge' and I can read at

I do monitor some of the Borland lists, but its a pain so
they don't get much of my attention <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services