Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
> Go in to your yahoo account and edit your options to disable "convert text
> to HTML". (The defaults in yahoo are exactly opposite to what they were in
> egroups). This ensures that plain text messages stay plain text, even if
> Yahoo tries to add HTML to the message; but it won't block messages that
> were posted in HTML.

It's already set that way - the HTML postings are the

> (I remind all list users that it is Very Bad Etiquette to post list and NG
> messages in HTML!! Some servers simply reject them. However, posting in
> the correct format is, IMHO, one of the responsibilities you take on when
> you choose to use lists for free support...)

Yes, I could do with you policing some of the other groups
The main problem seems now to be new users who steam in in
HTML and then there are several replies that do not get
converted to text on the way out ( At least Netscape does
that )

> Then, to prevent HTML from being delivered into your mailbox (Yahoo ads,
> spam, inconsiderate postings, etc.) set up your mail reader to receive only
> plain text. If your mail reader doesn't support this then maybe it's time
> to change to one that does.

If you can convice everybody to do it it would be great.
Some of the support services I use will NOT supply in plain
text ( like my ISP <g> ) so even if Netscape did provide a
switch I'd still be stuffed.

This is well of line for IBO, except - I agree with Jason -
Newsgroup format is not the answer ( it only works while on
line anyway ) - A content management system based on IBO and
Firebird? This IS something I would switch to. Perhaps next
years project <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services