Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:24 PM 08-03-02 +0000, Lester Caine wrote:
> > I am perfectly content with Yahoo Groups. I think we all probably have
> > better things to do than to replace something that works well. I am
> > subscribed to several of their groups, so a replacement for just one of
> > them will only make things more complicated for me.
>Do you have a permanent internet connection?
>My own problem with Yahoo is the continual attempts to
>connect when THEY try to download advertising crap.

Lester, you can cure this totally by two steps:

Go in to your yahoo account and edit your options to disable "convert text
to HTML". (The defaults in yahoo are exactly opposite to what they were in
egroups). This ensures that plain text messages stay plain text, even if
Yahoo tries to add HTML to the message; but it won't block messages that
were posted in HTML.

(I remind all list users that it is Very Bad Etiquette to post list and NG
messages in HTML!! Some servers simply reject them. However, posting in
the correct format is, IMHO, one of the responsibilities you take on when
you choose to use lists for free support...)

Then, to prevent HTML from being delivered into your mailbox (Yahoo ads,
spam, inconsiderate postings, etc.) set up your mail reader to receive only
plain text. If your mail reader doesn't support this then maybe it's time
to change to one that does.

In place of the Yahoo sponsor ads (using Eudora Pro) I see only a 2- or
3-line text message, usually with a URL. The downside (if you can call it
that) is that postings made in HTML often appear in my mailbox as
garbage. Still...garbage out, garbage in... <g>

In place of the javascript attachments (as with all attachments) I see a
short message indicating that an attachment was removed.

Another thing that REALLY annoys me is you Outlook users who have it set up
to demand an acknowledgement of receipt. Keep that for your private mail,
don't inflict it on me!

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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