Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
Author Daniel Rail
At 08/03/2002 03:40 AM, you wrote:
>Off topic for the list, but perhaps another nail in yahoo's
>Has anybody else been recieving yahoo junk mail claiming
>that they have opted in, and apparently their yahoo groups
>account is the source of the opt in. This mail also seems to
>be causing my machine to autoconnect EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NOT
>I am happy to put up some money to get away from these
>problems - anybody got any ideas? Obviously this applies to
>all the yahoo based lists we use!

Not me. I do receive spam several times a day, even though our mailserver
looks up black lists for spammers. Some of the spam I receive does seem to
come from a, or even some others), but in
reality they are fakes and don't exists on those mailservers. If you open
up the header of the e-mails, you might notice some discrepancies (even
check the originating IP to see if it exists, sometimes it doesn't). I'm
using Mailwasher from to filter out spammers and even
delete the e-mails directly from the server before downloading them with my
e-mail client. You can use black list servers(I have 10 entered) to help
you in filtering and you can setup your own filters. You can also view the
e-mails(text only and no attachments) before downloading. I use this to
copy the e-mail contents to submit to Spam Cop ( to
report the spammer. It's quite some fun to report a spammer and you could
be surprised to see the routing of the spam.

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