Subject Italian messages
Author Lele Gaifax
Hi all,

I updated my italian translation of the whole IBO 4.2Ga package (well,
just the core and the forms, actually).

As already said in this forum, the italian messages included with IBO4
in `IB_Constants-ita.pas' contain several misleading errors
(row/column confusion, should have/must not have
confusion...). Evidently not so many people use italian out there :)
Since IBO4, Jason included my `IB_Constants-ita2.pas', that I have
automatically generated from the Translation Manager resource file. I
kindly suggest that that file should replace the original -ita.pas, as
it surely contains less errors.

Anyway, I'm sending right now the up-to-date -ita2.pas to Jason, and I
will happily send the stuff (also the TM resources, if needed) to whom

bye, lele.
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