Subject Re: Italian messages
Author mmenaz
I confess you that I'm using the standard english resource, since I had no time to look at italian resource, and feared was outdated.
Since you will update it regulary, and since one of my customer/beta tester has asked me "why did you translate error messges in english?" <g>, I will use your res and have a look at it.
Thanks for your efforts
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., Lele Gaifax <lele@s...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I updated my italian translation of the whole IBO 4.2Ga package (well,
> just the core and the forms, actually).
> As already said in this forum, the italian messages included with IBO4
> in `IB_Constants-ita.pas' contain several misleading errors
> (row/column confusion, should have/must not have
> confusion...). Evidently not so many people use italian out there :)
> Since IBO4, Jason included my `IB_Constants-ita2.pas', that I have
> automatically generated from the Translation Manager resource file. I
> kindly suggest that that file should replace the original -ita.pas, as
> it surely contains less errors.
> Anyway, I'm sending right now the up-to-date -ita2.pas to Jason, and I
> will happily send the stuff (also the TM resources, if needed) to whom
> interested.
> bye, lele.
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