Subject Re: [IBO] How to ask smart questions
Author Jason Wharton
> I read large parts of the cathedral and bazar, but the name had somehow
> disappeared out of my mind.
> He is for sure an important person, but as I get paid for most parts of
> I code, I have to disagree with some of his points :-)

Eric and I did a good number of rounds. What I dislike most about the
"orthodox" OS movement is the communist tones to it all. In short, it isn't
a system built on trust and human dignity any more than the sterile
materialistic capitalist methods are. The element of choice is seriously
undermined as manifest in the virulent clauses of the licenses. The concepts
of ownership and propriety are also too loose as well. That system will not
succeed with any more of a lasting duration that the greedy capitalist
regimes have. I admire Eric in that he admits so far they still have gaping
holes which at some point will need to be filled in. My opinion isn't that
there are holes as much as that they are going overboard with it (meaning
they are carrying their stipulations way too far).

I am biased of course but I think Trustware ties the benefits of both
systems together and puts the motives squarely into positive realms on both
sides. There are no holes and no overages that I can see in my vision of it
all. It's been hard to find the best and clearest way to present it all and
I've much to do in order to develop a system to express it all. There is
continued development going into the Trustware licensing concept behind IBO
and I encourage all that have thoughts and feelings as well as ideas about
it to send me emails with them. I'm open to both criticism and support.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ