Subject RE: [IBO] How to ask smart questions
Author Kaputnik
Helen, thank you for the clarification

I read large parts of the cathedral and bazar, but the name had somehow
dissappeared out of my mind.
He is for sure an important person, but as I get paid for most parts of what
I code, I have to disagree with some of his points :-)

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> >Excuse my ignorance, but while I find the guide very interesting and well
> >written, I really do not know who the guy is. Maybe bliss
> ignorance, but I
> >really do not know.
> He is "E.R.S.", one of the two purported fathers of the open source
> movement. He was the author of "The Cathedral and the Bazaar"
> and the guy
> who blew the whistle on Microsoft for the Halloween Documents. If you
> haven't read his stuff, it's worth the effort. I think you will probably
> have to search the web for those papers now, as the links we had
> are broken...
> regards,
> Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)