Subject [IBO] Re: TIB vs. TIBO
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)" <helebor@d...> wrote:
> Marco Menardi wrote:
> >can some authority (Jason, Helen) here tell me if I can sent to him
> >IBC_Date.INT/IMP plus DatePick.pas?
> At 07:10 PM 01-03-02 +0500, gkrishna wrote:
> >Can Jason or Helen give Marco a goahead
> Let's be clear - I'm NOT an authority on the code (or anything
> else!). Marco, you must raise this with Jason.

Ok, that's a false problem, I will upload a exe file (IB_DateDemo.exe) so he can test it :)

> You can't regard changes to a component's behaviour as trivial. One desn't
> just "pop in the code" and throw out a new patch. It has to go through the
> QA cycle and be rigorously tested to ensure that existing behaviour is not
> being overridden.

Thank you of remembering me about that. Sometime I'm taken by the "improvement fury", but having many many IBO users to care about is a different thing :)
But I do think that, besides of IBO connectivity, IB_ visual components can be a really strong selling point for IBO. I love IBO components for a lot of techincal reasons, and I want them to be considered "first class", not something that needs to be replaced with good ones... Jason has to concentrate to the "real things" that no one else can do, while community should take care of minor improvements, expecially in functionality, or in support with other components (like FastReport, or VirtualTreeView...), I think (just my opinion).

> Just to offer an opinion - if you have significant new features to add to
> an existing component, it's often better to inherit a new component rather
> than risk breaking people's existing application code.

Right, OOP is really strong on this. But sometime you have to provide good functionality on the base class. Inherit is for "special" cases, not to supply ancestor faults, I think.

> In most cases I've
> found Jason's code easy to inherit from and he is amenable to publishing
> unpublished properties when someone presents a good case...

Thanks for your stimulating contribution Helen :)
Marco Menardi