Subject Re: [IBO] Builder6 Build of IBO4
OK three down one to go!

vcl.h in .cpp wrapper has to be replaced by basepch.h to get
the correct bits set ( something else missing from the 'auto
convert' of projects? )

I can do a build all on everything except IBO40XDT_C6.BPK.
This one uses DBReg and DSDesign for which I have headers,
but no modules - anybody know where they are hidden in
Builder 6? It must be one of the new require's but they do
not come up in the help at all.

I don't use XDT much anyway, so I am on to testing out the
other modules - Geoff'f stuff has build, along with
FastReport, just need to tidy up my own add-on package <g>.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services