Subject Re: R: [IBO] Faster Datapump from FoxPro/Paradox to Firebird
Author Daniel Rail
At 28/02/2002 07:02 PM, you wrote:
>Is database Force Write set to NO? This alone can mean HUGE performance
>improvements. Windows Firebird version is defaulted to Yes, while Linux
>one is defaulted to No (mmmm.. why? ;))<g>).
>I don't know how to switch it by code, use some IB tool (I use QuickDesk)
>to set it to NO.

The reason why for Windows it's set to ON is that Windows has a very lazy
write and the information is only sent to the gdb file when the last user
disconnects from the database. In other words, as long as there is someone
connected to the database, the information is still in memory or Windows
paging file. And, if someone would unplug the computer(without UPS), or
press the RESET or OFF button, all data since the connection will be
lost. But, with Linux, this is not a problem since their lazy write writes
the data to the HD when the system is idle.

So as you can see, you might want to have Forced Write ON for Windows.

This discussion has taken place on IB-Support awhile back, don't remember
exactly when.

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