Subject Re: R: [IBO] Faster Datapump from FoxPro/Paradox to Firebird
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., Enrico Raviglione <e.raviglione@i...> wrote:
> Hi,
> i don't have the same structure and i must do some operation when import the
> data, then a standard Datapump utility don't solve my problem.
> But why the insert/post on Firebird are so slow?
Is database Force Write set to NO? This alone can mean HUGE performance improvements. Windows Firebird version is defaulted to Yes, while Linux one is defaulted to No (mmmm.. why? ;))<g>).
I don't know how to switch it by code, use some IB tool (I use QuickDesk) to set it to NO.
Marco Menardi