Subject Re: R: [IBO] Faster Datapump from FoxPro/Paradox to Firebird
Author Daniel Rail
At 28/02/2002 08:22 AM, you wrote:
>i don't have the same structure and i must do some operation when import the
>data, then a standard Datapump utility don't solve my problem.
>But why the insert/post on Firebird are so slow?

What do you mean by insert/post? To insert the data into Firebird, I would
use a TIB_DSQL component with a parameterized INSERT statement. You read
from the FoxPro or Paradox table, do your calculations and then assign the
new values to the TIB_DSQL insert parameters and then you execute the
statement. Also, you might want to control your transactions, i.e. commit
only after 100 inserts.

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