Subject ANN: IB LogManager (powered by IBObjects) released!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi all,

I'm proud to announce a new version v2.0.4.3 of IB LogManager and
IB LogManager Viewer. Some new features and bugfixes are included
in this release.

What is IB LogManager?

IB LogManager is a data logging tool for Interbase/Firebird. IB LogManager
logs data changes in the database for data manipulation operations
(Delete/Insert/Update) on specific database objects (tables, columns).

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February 27, 2002 - v2.0.4.3:
1) A general VIEW with all logged data can be created/dropped when
Preparing/Unpreparing a database. This view can be used for any
tasks like querying logged data in your application in an easier
way or when creating self written log data reports based on this view.
IMPORTANT: Be aware that once a database was prepared with this view,
prior versions of the Unprepare-Wizard will not remove this view!
Actual or newer versions of IBLM 2.0 will run fine with prepared
databases using prior versions of IBLM

2) Logging metadata of a prepared database can easily exported into
a SQL-script file. This file can be used to prepare a database without
using the Prepare-Wizard on the destination database. See the menu
item "File/Export Logging Metadata..."

3) Main menu and toolbar are now floatable and on different places
in the main form dockable.

4) EMS QuickExport data export package was upgraded to v1.98.

5) Interbase Alias Manager (IBam) support was upgraded to v1.3a.

6) Localization files updated. Thanks to the translators.

7) Help-File updated.

1) Using AFTER [OPERATION] triggers makes the logging mechanism and
logged data more reliable and consistent.

2) Primary and Foreign-Key definitions on logging tables are now
stored in the metadata table IBLM$METADATA.

Best Regards
Thomas Steinmaurer
IB LogManager 2.0 - The Logging Tool for Interbase/Firebird