Subject Builder 6
I've now got a WORKING version of Builder 6.

I've updated the to include the Builder 6
options against Delphi 6.

Builder 6 has rebuilt the project files.

Everthing is fine as far as IBO40XDT_C*.bpl, and then a
couple of the later files. I'm getting a vcl50 not found and
unable to open DSGNINIF.OBJ. Obviously something is still
flaging Builder 5 - any ideas where I should start looking?

Jason - I don't suppose you have a cross reference of which
'Uses' files each module uses, so I can see if one of them
is causing the problem. Everthing I've looked at so far
seems fine, so now I am looking now I am looking for the not
so obvious.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services