Subject Re: [IBO] TIB vs. TIBO
Author GK
>I dont' know, but I know that I'm getting a so sound functionality from IB_ and it's powerfull, well designed, ready to real use components that I don't think you
can get the same level of productivity with your setup, sure not at design time.
>If I only could have know about real IBO power far before! Just fields attributes definition at domain level and in the connection component saves me an
incredible amount of time in designin my forms, gives my program arror prone consistency, let's me cha
>nge things globally in a snap.
>This functionality alone would worth adopting IB_...
>Just my experience, anyway :)
>Marco Menardi


thanks for sharing this. I am starting a new application where i am planning to to using TIB_ for some things at least. I am planning to use it for all displays and use
woll2woll for all entry screens. I am still hesitating to go "all the way". So I just wanted to share my reasons. I would be grateful for feedback from experienced
users about how to work around these things.
The previous application which I am half way through uses woll2woll.

First I am still new to Delphi, Interbase, IBO.

So my impressions are all from seeing the demos and working on half of one project.

Reason 1
The date entry component is really beautiful. The reason I am so particular about the date component is if whenever I sit next to a user when he is entering data ( I
always try to do that with all my programs) the date field is where people stumble the most.
I found IB_date to be very primitive comparitively.
if you are entering dates in dd/mm/yyyy format
Consider entering the following date and the keystrokes in the woll2woll datepicker.
Date Keystrokes in woll2woll
Today Space
9 of current month & year 9
9/4 of curent year 9,4
1/10 of current year 1,space,1,0
12/10 of current year 1,2,1,0
Null date Delete

also when the drop down calendar is displaying week numbers it looks neat and not clumsy like IB_Date

Reason 2
the other more important is the hierarchical editable grid that woll2woll supports. This is needed for neat data entry of master -> detail -> sub detail for e.g.part
delivery on different dates against each item in a sale order. Even with woll2woll I had to do a lot of key handling so that the user does not have to use extra key
strokes. I am still working on this It is not ready.
Some of the design constraints I place on myself, maybe, a hangover from my clipper programming days. Everything should be doable using keystrokes. No mouse
required. Also the number of keystrokes should be minimal. I count keystrokes all the time. After all if somebody is going to be entering data whole day using my
program, every keystroke counts.

If anybody could send a screenshot or sample code for a NEAT Master ->Detail -> SubDetail data entry form done using the IB_ I would definetely change over to
TIB_ wholeheartedly.

Please, I understand that the IB_ components have different advantages. I also understand the amount of overall coding that I have to do will be much less with
I am not willing to make my users life more difficult so that my life becomes easier.

I am new to Delphi but if anybody is willing to help me and guide me I am willing to work on improving the IB_date component so that it is perfect. At the very least
I am willing to work on creating the best specifications for a date entry component.