Subject Re: [IBO] TIB vs. TIBO
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., "rogervellacott" <rvellacott@p...> wrote:
> The other big pro of using TIBO Controls is that they are compatible
> with the visual components that are shipped with Delphi. One day I
> may want to use another database, and I will then have to convert
> from TIBO components.
But at least I won't have to replace all my
> visual controls. So I use TIBO for everything I want to link to
> TDatasource, and TIB_ otherwise.

If you want native access to interbase, forget about "one day...". I think you have to get 100% *now* from IB. If "one day", well, that's a problem you will face that day (and that day you could discover that your visual controls are so old that you have to replace them anyway. In the meantime you have a 50% of you could have).

> This does not stop me from using the brilliant functionality of
> TIB_Dataset. Every TIBOQuery is build around a TIB_ component, and I
> can call its methods and use its properties using
> MyQuery.InternalDataset.SomeMethod.

I dont' know, but I know that I'm getting a so sound functionality from IB_ and it's powerfull, well designed, ready to real use components that I don't think you can get the same level of productivity with your setup, sure not at design time.
If I only could have know about real IBO power far before! Just fields attributes definition at domain level and in the connection component saves me an incredible amount of time in designin my forms, gives my program arror prone consistency, let's me change things globally in a snap.
This functionality alone would worth adopting IB_...
Just my experience, anyway :)
Marco Menardi