Subject Re: [IBO] ibotable filter problem
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hundri Magusin wrote:
> Am I missing some property setting here?

Maybe something like that. Your original posting included

aTable.Filter:=(x > Quantity_from_Supplier1+Quantity_from_Supplier2);

which I assumed was only a spelling mistake when writing your mail.
Filter is a property of type string, so I think your line should have

aTable.Filter:='(x > Quantity_from_Supplier1+Quantity_from_Supplier2)';

(or aTable.Filter:='SQL::(x >
Quantity_from_Supplier1+Quantity_from_Supplier2)'; if you use the SQL

I assume this is not your problem (I believe it shouldn't have
compiled), but obvious mistakes are often the ones most difficult to
spot (my 'personal best' was using wbere rather than where in a select