Subject TIBOTable Access Violations when Using set ranges
Author pmagor2001
Hi All

I have found a problem with the ranges on the TIBOTable causing access
The steps to recreate it are

1 Issue a setrange that will return values that you know does exist
2 Cycle through the data using a eof loop
3 Cancel the range

Now repeat the above steps for a range that you know does not exist
and on step 3 an access violation occurs inside the
TIBODataset.GetBookmarkData procedure (RecInfo.RecRowNode is NIL)

As this program is being converted from another database (with a
limited timeframe) I cannot immediately replace all of the setranges
with Queries. So I would appreciate any help/fixes that could be

I am using version 4.2.Fr of IBO in Delphi 6 Pro using Firebird RC 2

I am also getting Access Violations when using master detail
relationships but I have not locked down the exact steps to recreate
it yet.

Thanks in Advance
Peter Magor