Subject RE: [IBO] Searching with ib_searchpanel
Author Kaputnik
The IBO-Search-Mode does ADD to, not replace the where-clause of the query.
If you have a parameter, it stays in place.
In one of my applications, where I was in need to isolate one record via a
hyperlink-jump, I did not use a parameter, but manually assigned
search-criteria to the query.
This is not too hard, and you can search this list's archive under for the keywords "Search Kaputnik" on the second
page you'll find a nice thread which explains, how to use the direct


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> Subject: [IBO] Searching with ib_searchpanel
> I'm using an ib_searchpanel and an ib_searchbar, along with edit
> components and a grid. They are linked to an ib_query. When the user
> enters the screen from another screen, I want the current record that
> they just came from (for example a part number) to be the current
> record. Thus the screen would just show the data for the current part
> number. I also need the user to be able to enter search criteria in
> the ib_searchpanel to show more parts that, for example, start
> with 'bac'. If I construct the query in the ib_query component to
> have a parameter, that parameter always seems to be in control - I
> can't get the ib_searchpanel's search criteria to work for parts not
> meeting the parameter. The query (without the parameter) is 'select *
> from parttable', but I want to restrict that, still allowing the
> searching to override the restriction. How can I do it? Thanks in
> advance. (Delphi 6, ibo
> Stan Walker
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