Subject Re: [IBO] Searching with ib_searchpanel
Author stanw1950
Thanks Nick but I can't quite get this to work. The sql in the
tib_query is 'select * from part'. I want to add 'where part starting
with 144'. When I run the following code the where part is never
used. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. (Delphi 6, ibo

sl := stringlist.create;
//tib_searchpanel name = sp
sl.Add('CTL.' + sp.Owner.Name + '.sp=' + ' where part starting
with 144');
with query do begin
InvalidateSQL; //tried with and without this line
Refresh; //tried with and without this line

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Kaputnik" <delphi@k...> wrote:
> The IBO-Search-Mode does ADD to, not replace the where-clause of
the query.
> If you have a parameter, it stays in place.
> In one of my applications, where I was in need to isolate one
record via a
> hyperlink-jump, I did not use a parameter, but manually assigned
> search-criteria to the query.
> This is not too hard, and you can search this list's archive under
> for the keywords "Search Kaputnik" on the
> page you'll find a nice thread which explains, how to use the direct
> search-criteria.
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