Subject DisableInterface does not disable IB_LookupCombo
Author mmenaz
IBO 4.2 Fr, FB RC2, Win2000SP1
Hi, I know that there are, at IB_Datasource level, two methods:
DiableControls and DisableInterface.
I've understood that DiableControls disables a wide range of activity/events, so it does not "freeze" your visual components display of fields, but the master/detail synchronization too.
DisableInterface seems what I'm looking for, since it freezes only the visual components display. Yas, all TIB_Edit, but not IB_LookupCombo! When my program scans all the dataset preparing the report, the current record shown is still except the LookupCombos! Not very nice to see... it seems that the actual record is having those values in the lookup changed.
Is it a bug or something wrong with my setup?

Marco Menardi