Subject Re: [IBO] IB_EditEnh
What is the difference between User Mask and Mask String and what EditMaskMode
should I use with IBO ?


Geoff Worboys wrote:

> > Where can I set the EditMask in the IB_EditEnh-Control ?
> Same place you do for standard mask - in the connection or dataset
> FieldsEditMask property. The difference being that enhanced masks
> come with prefix like '::NM::';
> > I need an EditMask for time-values, like hh:mm. But when the user enters
> > only 15, the mask sould convert it into 15:00.
> Drop a standard TEditEnh control onto a form, click the property
> editor button in the EditMask property. This will show a dialog in
> which you can experiment with masks - and try out the various samples
> (including some date/time stuff). When you get the mask that you want
> there is an edit control at the bottom of the dialog from which you
> can copy the string that you need to assign in the IBO FieldsEditMask
> property.
> For more info search for TMaskEnhString in the Enh online help.
> hth
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