Subject Re: [IBO] Delphi 6 Update 2 available
Author Nando Dessena

> >Changing the interface without changing the name would have had much
> >worse consequences. It is sufficient to change websnap60 in websnap61 in
> >the package Requires list, assuming IBO would only support the latest
> >update pack of each Delphi version (as it has always done).

> No, the point is that the IBO packages would support whatever sub-version you have on your disk

ask Jason if he performs his pre-release tests on Delphi 5.0 or Delphi
5.01; I think it's dangerous to claim support for a version you don't
perform tests on.
Update Packs from Borland may actually require third party component
suppliers to at least recompile their packages, and the name change does
not add anything to that. Not everybody distributes full source for the
users to recompile.

> Selfishly, I'm glad I gave up on Websnap and reverted to good ol' WebBroker.

Having spent some time looking at it myself, I can say you made a wise

> I expected WS to get fixed but I sure didn't expect it to get renamed.

would you prefer an interface change without a name change? The
different name at least allows websnap60 and websnap61 to coexist on the
same machine, which means that you don't have to recompile your old ws
applications when you deploy new ones.

> I think we can IFDEF the IBO package file/BPG though. I seem to have seen it happen somewhere...

This is a good idea, assuming the differences between ws60 and ws61
don't affect IBO (otherwise more IFDEFs would have to be put in place).
I think this will only work if a VER151 (is 150 the version number of
the Delphi 6 compiler?) symbol is defined, which I am not aware of.