Subject Weird connections
Author Morteargenta Giovanni
Hi all.
I'm new to IBO , and in one day i have ported most of a 150.000 lines of
code with LOTS of tables and Querys without to much problem (there where
some issues with Batchmove that are pending , of course) , except some
things i frankly don't understant
The foremost importat for me is that I have the connection to database
floating , depending on the installation where I deploy the program , and
used a combination of alias in the BDE and a plain text file to locate the
main configuration database in the remote server on the installation. So ,
the DatabaseName is got something like this

Read the Get the Database Change the parameters
Select DataDB configuration
text file in -> complete path -> in the DBConf alias to ->
Params from a table in DBConf -> Fire up app.
client (with server included) point the DBConf DB
And set the DataDB alias parameters

Well , that worked in the BDE , slow , but worked.
Now , i got from a wait time of 15 seconds to a wt of 76 seconds in IBO..
bad thing.

After carefull search , that turned up to be that , no matter what i said to
the Connections in the datamodules about predeterminated servers , default
paths or (God forgive me) BDE alias configuration. The Connection component
was always trying to connect to a local database server instead of the one i
especified in the server property.. until i tested in design time to set
connected to true , and then , to false. After that , connection was slow
(30 sec , twice the time of bde!!!) , but it worked.

I know that i have to polish really hard the application to a total port ,
but for now , there seems not be the acceleration promised in the web site.
I'll keep trying , but some help would be appreciated.

Another question is : Are the QuickReport Pro components througthly tested
against heavy duty IBO abuse ? So far by now i has been unable to make them
rum in armony.. but patience , i'm only a day old in IBO using...

I was using D6+IBO4.2Fp+QuickReports3.5.1(Win98-2ndEd)+IB5.6(Linux)

Have i read that developers for Kylix are wanted?

May The Source Be With You , Luke....