Subject Re: [IBO] Three questions
Author Artur Anjos
2 (not very complete) answers:

>I heard that to view/print reports it's better using
>TIB_Cursor component.
>Is that true? Why?
TIB_Cursor is unidirectional, and TIB_Query is bidirectional. TIB_Cursor saves some resources this way, what makes it faster.

> It's a good idea to update/insert values within a grid
> with IBObjects and Client-Server? We are not
> using the native IBObjects, so we use another grid. I
> heard that the grids are very bad for performance.
They could be: in a grid you usually get some rows from the server. I think you must choose to use a grid or not for all reasons, not only performance. Something like doing an invoice, for example, does not need a grid for the master part, but I'm shure your users will love to have a grid showing them the details.
(btw, I don't use the native IBObjects for the Grids also).

> Is there any problems using form inheritance in a
> Client-Server application ?
Ops, don't know what you mean by this. (I can not establish a relation)


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