Subject Re: ControlsDisabledLevel
Author slsolutions2002
--- In IBObjects@y..., Duilio Foschi <dedalus@y...> wrote:
> I need to mimicks EnabledControls/DisabledControls for a TIB_Query.
> The property ControlsDisabledLevel looks promising, but I cannot
> how one should use it.
> Any help ?
> Duilio Foschi


Before scrolling through the data do query.disablecontrols;
After scrolling is complete do query.enablecontrols;
This will prevent the data awae fields from scrolling.
You should wrap this with Try..Finaly to ensure the controls get
reenabled even if there is an error. Also, disable controls also
disables any master/detail relationships so don't use it on tables
where you need both to scroll.

Hop this helps, Geno