Subject Re: Question about SQL
Author Aage Johansen
> To do this using SQL I use an IB_DSQL as follows:
> ...

Some techniques are only proper for desktop databases (like Paradox). To
get the most out of IB/Fb (or other C/S databases), you will have to do
things differently.

You can use two components:
* IB_cursor for selecting ("locating") the record:
select FIELD1, FIELD2 from THETABLE where FIELD3 = :XXX
Change the parameter (XXX), and open the IBCursor for every "locate".
* IB_DSQL for updating, deleting, inserting
update THETABLE set FIELDA = :YYY where FIELDB = :ZZZ
Above, FIELDB (and also FIELD3) are often the primary key of THETABLE.

If this was all too obvious, please forgive me.

If you are new to SQL, maybe some of the titles on can be of help.

Aage J.