Subject TIB_StoredProc
Author slsolutions2002

In my application when a new record is added to tablea several
support records need to be added to tablesb,c, and d. I created a
stored procedure to do this. I added a TIB_StoredProc to the form
and use ExecProc when a new record is added to tablea. All works
fine, sort of. The new record is added to tablea and the support
records are added to tables b,c, and d. Problem is my form act
strange after executing the stored procedure. I can not click on
certain fields and the form blinks when I click on it. If I am
running the the IDE even exiting the program and rerunning it won't
help. However, if I exit Delphi then restart Delphi and the program
all works fine. All records have been correctly added. I am using
D5. The store procedure is simply a whole series of insert into
statements. The only unique thing is that on the form the support
tables (B,C,and D) are all linked to the main table (A) via
master/detail. Everything works fine until I execute the stored