Subject Re: [IBO] Question about SQL
> I have posted a few questions about the speed of Interbase/IBO and
> received some good answers that have led me to experiment with
> IB_DSQL. Using SQL instead of does seem to make a
> dramatic speed difference. However, since my knowledge of SQL is
> very limited, before I spend a lot of time changing my code I want to
> verify that I am using the proper approach so I don't have to change
> it again later.

SQL is the way forward.

UPDATE TABLE1 SET xxx = yyy WHERE zzz = 'one i want'

You can expand the set to cover more fields, and select more
than one record in the where. Clever people make these
procedures on the server, so you only have to send
parameters to the server.

I use this approach with some fixed updates, where I just
change the parameters in IB_DSQL, or for 'ocasional'
requirements, just build the SQL when required.

The nice thing here is you can try this all out in IB_SQL
and check things before proceeding. Very useful when the
UPDATE covers several lines of SQL.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services