Subject Re: [IBO] Question about SQL
Author Daniel Rail
At 14/02/2002 10:54 AM, you wrote:

>This works but causes me to set up the IB_DSQL and execute it
>repeatedly to accomplish the update and locates. My question is
>this: Is this the proper way to handle this or is there a way to set
>up the IB_DSQL and execute it only once to handle the update of
>fields in one table based on values from fields in another ..
>possibly using parameters?

Yes it can be done. Get your hands on IB6 Beta Documentation and look for
the volume Language Reference, you can find it on Firebird's website
( in the Documentation section. This volume will
help you understand the structure of the SQL language. Keep in mind that
everything you did with Paradox, is doable in Interbase or Firebird and
even more.

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